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A physically active, in good health, 55 year-old woman, who is retired from the U.S. Air Force, was hit by a vehicle while riding her bike.

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A family of three adult males was traveling home when they were t-boned by a distracted driver of a commercial vehicle.

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Client was rear ended on the freeway.

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A passenger in a vehicle which was struck by a drunk driver.

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A passenger on a City of Fresno FAX bus was thrown from her seat when the driver negligently stopped.

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Wrongful Death

Defendant ran a red light at the intersection and t-boned Client’s driver side.

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Male client was involved in a rear-end collision wherein Defendant failed to stop for traffic

Our client sustained a rotator cuff tear in his shoulder and injury to his lumbar spine for which he treated with several physicians.

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$5,400,000 Motor Vehicle Negligence

Wheelchair bound paraplegic client was being transported by the responsible party who failed to secure his wheelchair to the vehicle that was used to transport him.

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$4,000,000 Automobile Collision and Defective Safety Restraint

The collision was to the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

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$3,750,000 - Armored Truck v. Pedestrian

Elderly Woman on motorized scooter was run over by an armored truck.

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$2,850,000 Pedestrian versus Forklift Accident

The client, who was an active father of three, was a pedestrian in an auto wrecking yard when he was hit by a loader with two cars on its forks.

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$2,250,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

Heading home from work, Client was thrown from his motorcycle approximately 10 feet after a truck turned left in front of him.

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$2,187,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

While stopped for a school bus, Client’s vehicle was rear ended by a vehicle traveling at a speed of approximately 55 miles per hour.

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$1,500,000 Pedestrian Accident

The client, who was a pedestrian and was J-walking, was struck by a company vehicle who was unsafely backing to retrieve merchandise that became dislodged from the rear of the vehicle.

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Motor Vehicle Accident $1,400,000 Settlement

Defendant entered the intersection and stopped directly in Client’s lane. Client attempted to avoid the collision, but could not react fast enough. Client suffered loss of consciousness, severe bruising and lacerations to her entire body. She also suffered a fractured back at L1. The L1 disc burst with a retropulse fracture, requiring surgical intervention.

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Nine year old child was riding her scooter when she was run over by inattentive motorist backing out of driveway on a street when he knew children were nearby.

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$1,100,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

The client, who was in the military, was struck head on by a drunk driver who was operating a company vehicle.

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$1,000,000 Policy Demand Settlement

Client was injured when her vehicle was struck by a big rig.

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$1,000,000 - Motor Vehicle Negligence

Elderly client’s vehicle was struck by a 33,000 lb bus that ran a stop sign.

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Female client along with three of her children were involved in a motor vehicle accident, as the result of a careless unlicensed driver running a stop sign. Mother and daughter sustained head and significant orthopedic injuries.

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