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$85,000.00 - Fractured Elbow Injury

Female client was walking her dog through a local property.

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Buffalo Soito- Minor Dog Bite $82,500 Settlement

Eight year old boy bit in the face by a German Shepard. The bite caused damages to Client’s face requiring stitches on his nose and underneath his eye.

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$80,000.00 Slip and Fall at El Super

Client was walking in a supermarket near the check stands when she fell to the ground.

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From $10,000 Offer to $250,000 Settlement

The client came to Darryl B. Freedman’s office after his insurance offered him 10,000 for an injury that occurred to his right foot as a result of being struck head on by an uninsured motorist vehicle.

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From $10,000 Offer to $225,000 Award

Our client was involved in a motor vehicle collision on southbound freeway 41 and the responsible party negligently changed lanes colliding into his vehicle causing him to strike the guardrail.

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From $10,000 Offer to $100,000 Policy Award – Dog Bite on 10 Year Old

10-year-old boy was playing in his front yard when his neighbors German shepherd came into his yard and bit the boy on the chest area.

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As a native of Fresno, Darryl B. Freedman is committed to California's Central San Joaquin Valley. He works to improve lives in our community by practicing law in the community he loves. Raised in the San Joaquin Valley, Mr. Freedman attended Fresno High School and went on to earn his bachelors degree in Public Administration from California State University, Fresno.