Our Firms Legal Process

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Over the years in obtaining successful personal injury awards for our clients, we have learned that it is more advantageous to develop your case in phases.

Phase I – The Initial Client Meeting

Your initial meeting will be with your attorney to discuss the facts of your personal injury, determine legal responsibility and compensation that you are entitled to under California law. Your initial client meeting can occur at our law firm or if you are seriously injured at the hospital or your home. Be sure to review the new client checklist to make the most out of your initial free attorney client consultation.

Phase II – Investigation & Case Analysis

Our firm understands the importance in documenting all of the evidence surrounding your personal injury. This documentation will be utilized as evidence in negotiating with the insurance company and presenting your case at trial. During this phase our firm will:

  • Secure insurance information for all parties involved
  • Deal directly with the insurance companies on your behalf
  • Secure documentation to prove legal responsibility
  • Assist you in finding a highly skilled and reputable medical provider
  • Secure witness statements on your behalf
  • Secure photographic evidence of any visible bodily injuries
  • Secure photographic evidence of your vehicular property damage
  • Secure photographic evidence of the responsible parties vehicular property damage
  • Secure any vehicular estimates of repair
  • Free assistance in repairing your vehicle
  • Assistance in obtaining a rental car
  • Securing your wage loss

Phase III – Developing & Determining the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

After our firm has secured the necessary investigation evidence for your personal injury case, you will meet with your attorney to discuss the progress of your medical rehabilitation. Your attorney will introduce you to your personal Case Manager who will work with you under the direction and supervision of your attorney. Our firms goal is to establish a personal relationship with you and learn how your personal injury has impacted all aspects of your life.

Our firm schedules consistent meetings with you throughout your medical rehabilitation process to keep you informed of the status of your case. The length of this phase depends on the nature and extent of your injuries and the length of your medical rehabilitation. Sometimes it takes months to determine the extent of your injuries and our firm wants to ensure that you have fully recovered from all of your injuries before your case is completed.

When you have completed all of your medical treatment, our firm will secure all of your medical records and medical expenses. Our firm will also communicate with your doctor to determine if you will require any future medical treatment. In the event you require future medical treatment, our firm will obtain a detailed itemization of these costs. These medical costs may include: hospitalization, doctor fees, physical therapy, medications, and more. Our firm will also communicate with your doctor to determine if your injuries will require you to be vocationally retrained or lose income in the future.

After all this information is secured, our firm will be in a position to fully evaluate the value of your personal injury. Your attorney will prepare a detailed presentation of the facts of your personal injury, an analysis of all the damages including medical expenses and wage loss. You will then meet with your attorney to discuss our legal options. Our firm will obtain your authority and communicate the facts of your personal injury and damages to the responsible party's insurance company and their attorney.

Phase IV – Litigation, Trial, Case Resolution

It is our firms experience, that personal injury cases require litigation to maximize the award on behalf of our clients. This litigation phase allows our firm to take deposition of the responsible party, witnesses, police officers, medical experts and any other individuals to assist in winning your case. During this phase several litigation procedures will be carried out including:

  • Our firm will file a civil lawsuit against the responsible parties
  • Our firm will subpoena documents, conduct depositions and participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution to attempt to resolve your case prior to trial
  • Our firm will retain and pay for any experts required to prove your personal injury case including:
    • Accident reconstructionists
    • Mechanical engineers
    • Truck safety experts
    • Economists
    • Vocational rehabilitationists
    • Medical experts
    • Life care planners

During this time you will have regular status meetings with the attorney and your case manager to keep you updated on the process. Our firm maintains open lines of communication with our clients and invite you to call anytime you have a question about the status of your case.